Essential Tips for Your First Mesa Move

Moving can be an exciting time, but it is also one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Maybe you are moving because you are getting an exciting new job, or maybe you are moving to be closer to family. These are all great things! Yet the logistics of packing up everything you own, finding a new home, and setting up a new life in a new place can be overwhelming.

Essential Tips for Your First Move

Essential Tips for Your First Move

Here are a few essential tips to make your first move or your last move in Mesa a little easier!
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Hiring a Mesa moving company can make things a little easier, but you’ll still need to do the right preparation and planning to minimize the stress of your move.

Here are a few essential tips to make your first move or your last move in Mesa a little easier:

Determine a Moving Date

There are many factors that go into deciding your moving date. You need to think about when your movers might be available, what the weather will be like, when your current lease agreement ends (and what the penalties are for ending it early), and any future plans you may have.

If you are trying to move in the summer, for example, you may find that you have trouble booking movers. Many college students move at this time, and more people choose to move then in general because it is warmer. You may not be able to find anyone who is free to help you move.

Meanwhile, if you try to move in the dead of the Arizona summer, you might find it too hot to bear.

You’ll also need to factor in upcoming holidays and big events you have planned, such as weddings you will attend, baby showers, and so on.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

The more time you can give yourself for your big move date, the better. Packing takes up a lot more time than you might think. Don’t wait until the last week or two to start.

Give yourself a month but preferably more to pack. Go through your things as you pack to get rid of items that you no longer want or need. You’ll have less to pack, which means that you’ll save both time and money on your move.

You can also hire a Mesa 85212 moving company to pack your home for you. You’ll spend more money, but you’ll make your move as easy as it can be. You can also rest easy knowing that your belongings are all packed well and will be safe even during a long-distance move.

Create a Plan for Children and Pets

Children and pets need special consideration during your move. Not only can they make it harder for you to do things like pack or load the moving truck, but they also need to be protected and entertained while everyone is focused on moving the big boxes and furniture.

If you are packing your own things, it’s best to ask someone to watch your children during that time and to board your pets. You’ll have the space clear to pack without having to worry about tripping over a child or dog.

On the day of the move, you’ll want to make things as easy as possible on them. If you are moving across town, make sure you have a clear vehicle for all children to sit comfortably and for your pet carrier to fit.

If you are making a long-distance move, you’ll need to set everyone up for maximum comfort. Bring neck pillows for the kids, and put a blanket, food and water in the crate for your pets. Bring books, a portable DVD player, small toys and travel games to keep the kids entertained along the way. Make plenty of stops to give everyone the chance to stretch their legs and take a break from the long travel.

Have Utilities Set Up before You Arrive

You don’t want to wait until you get in your new home to set up utilities like your electricity, water, or gas. You could end up waiting for several days or weeks to get someone out to your house.

Do you really want to spend several weeks in the Arizona summer without an air conditioner or cool water? The answer is surely to be a resounding, “NO.”

As soon as you have your move date, go ahead and schedule your new utilities. The technician will be able to come just before you arrive or the day of your move to connect everything. All you have to do is unpack to have everything you need. Plus, you’ll appreciate having the air conditioner on while you’re moving everything in!

Hire the Right Movers

The right Mesa 85207 moving company can make your move a breeze. The right company can perform a full-service move or just pitch in where you need the most help, such as transporting your items. The right company will also have the full insurance needed to protect your items in the event of an accident or loss.

Make sure you do your research before you hire any movers. You’ll want to get at least three estimates, and you’ll want to check references in person and online. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, and then search reviews online to find out what kind of experiences other people had with the company.

Finally, check up on credentials like licensure and insurance. Don’t just take the company’s word for it. Actually call the licensing or insurance agency to find out if the policy is current.

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